About Us


Our 21st Century, a historic world is filled with anguished people terrorizing and destabilizing the peaceful co-existence of man because of injustices against humanity, especially the inadequately served and marginalized population globally. The aggrieved population become agents of destruction and also become vulnerable to all sorts of health like the incurable HIV/AIDS prevalence which is the leading death compared to other diseases.


The organization is committed with its passion, Love, and being human in identifying human weakness; assisting in resolving problem issues within its scope; and making our world free and just world, viewing one another as one family under God. The organization fights to reduce the HIV/AIDS epidemic, diminishing the global population, especially in Sub-Sahara Africa.


  • The world to view the fact that we are one family under God and that we must live in an environment which is peaceful and just for everyone.
  • To mitigate the surge of the HIV/AIDS to the minimum, especially in inadequately served population living in limited resource settings in developing nations
  • To see that government policy on stigmatization and discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS is put into law
  • Equal opportunity to access medical help and employment opportunity are guaranteed for them.


  • Mobilizing and creating awareness of protection of young people from being used as political tugs and agents of destruction against humanity.
  • Through building of character creativity initiatives, the vulnerable youth, men, women and children will learn to be responsible for making self decision in protecting themselves against any challenges they may face
  • The targeted group will be able to acquire skills that enhance their productivity in life.
  • To encourage the marginalized communities affected with social problems so that they learn the most effective ways of improving their own lives through interaction with the outside world.
  • To assist those whose human rights are violated and abused, in regaining their freedom and respect.
  • Fighting injustices of extreme poverty that have exposed our young people into crimes and prostitution.
  • Fighting gender inequality against female folks by empowering them to be self reliance in all undertakings of every opportunity that crosses their way.

Rules and Regulations governing the organization:

Stakeholder Structure Group

  • Board of Trustees/Executive Board members
  • National President
  • National Secretary
  • National Public Relation Officer
  • National Financial Secretary
  • Member staff/Volunteers
  • Parent Supporters of the organization

The organization is aimed at operating liaison offices abroad because of demands of youths especially in the Arab world interested to become members and offer services from their countries.

Tasks, Services Outreach:

  • Reaching out to young people in rural areas living under difficult situations that make them most vulnerable to committing crimes against humanity.
  • Financial assistance is urgently needed from God fearing individuals and cooperate bodies in making the growing youth agent of change and not agent of destruction
  • The afflicted people, especially the youth, women and children from conflict torn nations, communal clashes, need your help in restoring them back to the society.
  • Helping a neighbor in need is a double fold blessing to the giver
  • The organization works tirelessly with its program activities in the education sector in rural communities to achieving dramatic mitigation of HIV/AIDS prevalence among the vulnerable groups.
  • The organization aims at reducing death rate of infected persons by providing support group meetings for them.
  • Reducing poverty amid inadequately served population, by empowering them to be productive and self reliance through the organization proposed project innovative that will soon bring relief for employment and skill acquisition.
  • The organization relies on your financial contribution for its sustainability and helping the needy.
  • The organization can be reached via its website address and Account Information included
  • The power of the organization is democratic, working together with one spirit, love and oneness as a family, we can build a global peace.
The WYPO Commitment
WYPO is committed to absolute development. We know that It is by our faith that we can make peace a reality, for faith without action is dead.

War is not the primary solution for resolving conflicts, but rather a tool for violence.

We are destined to love each other as brothers and sisters.

For any one who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen. Love heals all wounds and divisions