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World Youth peace Organization

MOTTO: Universal Oneness

SLOGAN: WYPO – Inspiring youths for Change.

VISION: Cultivation of peaceful environment with lifelike health benefits from provision of healthcare related issues on youth morals local, national and global.

MISION: Building a peaceful cultural and healthy relationship environment for young people in communities from local to global through education, research and actions.

What WE Do: In pursuing our mission, the goals of the organization is to coordinate approach to preventing and resolving conflicts, bringing  success, growth, innovation, creativity and better future for the youths. Human Rights healthy living justices. 


  • To provide a strong platform based on observational information that will give sound infrastructure for educating the vulnerable youths with activities in communities and international
  • Harness commitment and expertise, including the experience of our elders and the vitality of our youths
  • Liaise and partner with other organizations local, national and international, working for peace and promotion of good healthy living for the youths
  • Provide practical tools for peaceful living which include skills, methods for conflict resolution and violence prevention
  • Promoting knowledge, education and dialogue over ignorance misinformation and violence.



  • To outreach programs to the vulnerable youths on health issues and conflict resolution
  • To assist in developing more peace and less violence society through education of children, youths and adults
  • Promote development of interpersonal skills for handling relationships and conflict constructively
  • Working for peace, disarmament and social justice and also the Rights of young people the ability to receive health care treatment without prejudice
  • Networking locally, national and international with other organizations
  • Playing monitoring and evaluation roles regarding issues and policies relating to strengthening lack of financial support that often limit the ability to evaluating impact and effectiveness of their work
  • Promoting peace issues and initiatives actively through the media and events
  • Encouraging the media to promote peaceful and positive community values
  • Encouraging youths to desist from activities that can influence them to be involved in cultism fellowship and engendering their lives in contracting diseases like HIV/AIDS and Sexual Transmitting Infections (STI,s)
  • Modeling of peace making and values within the organization and beyond
  • Modeling school based health education program in education sector and communities to drop-out youths


Assist the organization in strengthening and empowering the movement of building and sustaining cross-cultural of peace for our children, youth and the generation to come.

  1. Join us in our Email list: Stay connect in what the organization is doing and receive alerts. Sign up:
  2. Help us to spread the word: by using Email; Face book, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, WhatsApp, Snap shots. Share good news about us.
  3. Make a Donation Today: Any amount of donation, large or small is appreciable. Raising enough money will assist the organization to tell its stories, locally, nationally and internationally
  4. Join the movement: Get involved in our school, neighborhoods, communities to work for peace and health advocacy
  5. Make a commitment to practice peace and healthy living: Work for peace and psychosocial issues of youth behaviors to identify their vulnerability to health problems, either in a daily choice or large efforts.
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