Talent Transfer

We beleive that taring and skills acquisition can reduce societal crisis, thereby foster peace. Please, we will appreciate you being part of our training resource in the different skill acquisition program we have instituted.


We will appreciate your donations towards building of facilities Such as Food, Clothes, Constructions Materials, Health Facilities Also to the decemination and creating of public awareness to the dangers of non-exitence of peace.

Cash Donations


Please make fund donations into any of the Accounts Detailed below:

Union Bank of Nigeria Plc.

Address:  Adeyemo Alakija, V/Island, Lagos-Nigeria

Cash / Bank transfer / Cheque ( US$ / Pound Sterling / Euro ) / Pay Pal / Other

Total Paid: ——–     (Specify currency)  

Date: —————

Dollar Account Number: 0010554352.

Pound Sterling Account Number: 0010557315.

Euro Account Number: 0036646396

Nigeria Currency Account Number: 0010568027.

Your Donation to WYPO is very important to us.

Thanks for your generosity support.

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Up coming conferences

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 IPB Network Invitation to the IPB Youth Network Conference 2019, Berlin, Germany

And many other conference Globally.

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